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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting lines players that understand the golden rule of NFL handicapping, which is that the only constant in football betting is change.

These will separate himself from the overwhelming majority of football betting players and likely profit from that separation in NFL betting lines, particularly towards the end of a season, regardless of what sport.

One of the biggest traps that the NFL betting public sets for itself is writing off rotten teams that are out of post season contention and merely playing out the string of their season. Immediately the general public perception is that these teams “suck” and the NFL betting lines flood in against such teams, particularly when they are up against name brand teams or contenders. There is a catch to all of this, naturally, and that is that the NFL lines makers are fully aware of this perception and adjust their lines accordingly. Remember that there is this little equalizer called the pointspread and it oftentimes comes into play.

Sometimes losing NFL teams can be bargains against the NFL betting lines because no one gives them a chance. Getting points in NFL betting lines is also worth considering, even if the team is bad. Do you think the NFL betting lines are made just so that good teams will always be taken by the NFL betting public? You know better than that. The NFL gambling oddsmakers know that bad teams offer little attraction so what do they do? They raise the odds on the better teams. This gives value to the losing teams in NFL betting lines. Very often you get an extra point or two and that is huge in NFL wagering. Since the overwhelming majority of money bet at online football betting websites or casino sportsbooks will be against these also-rans the smart money will often end up on the losing team when the NFL betting lines are adjusted so much that value appears.

The professional or sophisticated football betting player always has value in the back of his mind when NFL handicapping a game and the worst teams often end up offering such strong bargain prices and values that they make for solid wagers in NFL betting lines. The problem is, for the majority of sports betting players, that taking the Cleveland Browns over the New England Patriots is impossible for the mind to comprehend. It doesn’t matter how many points Cleveland is getting, the public wants no part of them. The oddsmakers know this to create the NFL betting lines.

And this type of value can be found nearly every single week as you look at the NFL betting lines.

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