Contrasting NFL Betting Approaches

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

In football betting there are as many different approaches to Sunday’s NFL betting by gamblers as there are gamblers.

Each individual that bets on pro NFL betting does it his own way and yet the overwhelming majority of players lose money over the course of the season, often in large amounts.

The approach that I like the best in NFL betting, and that has served me well, is to play simply one main game on a Sunday. My NFL football betting will be on one unit on this game and often use the money line if the team is a chalk. If the team is an underdog I will almost always just take the points rather than the plus money of the money line. I will also confess that in my NFL betting, if I have a play that loses during the early football betting session I will, in fact, bet more on a second later play in order to try and still make a profit for the day. NFL betting is also about patience so if the second play also blows I simply write the day off and do not try and chase my losses any more.

I used do NFL betting on multiple games but was never comfortable with it and, when I was fed up with losing and realized that I had to change my NFL betting style, I settled for a “one game at a time” approach that made me a far more selective, and effective NFL betting gambler on any football betting season.

In NFL betting I also learned to be “contrarian” and to use a “Sportsbook Outlook” by opposing consensus plays and the mainstream gambling public. This NFL betting strategy was quite difficult at first, and even scary to spit into the hurricane of group thought, but I quickly learned that it was also intelligent and profitable to put myself on the same side as the NFL betting oddsmakers whenever possible.

A close former associate of mine was totally different in his NFL betting structure. During football beating seasons this guy would bang several different sides and totals both in the early and late games and have more action on both the side and total for Sunday Night NFL betting . While there is no way I would ever play that way this guy would often catch incredible streaks and do quite well, but that was offset by other Sunday’s when he was blown out with bad luck. Overall the nfl betting odds would catch up with this guy’s NFL betting ways and he would pay the price with losses by betting too many football betting games for too many reasons.

You will find that when you visit online gambling chat rooms or hang at a sportsbook that most gamblers have a lot of different NFL betting action going on and seem to be “playing” rather than “working.” You will also learn that there really is merit to the old saying about “quality over quantity” in football betting and that the less games you play and more selective that you become; the better your odds will be at making money.

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