2010 NFL Preseason Betting – Colts vs. Bills on Thursday Night

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Take a look at the 2010 NFL preseason betting line and you can tell that Thursday night’s game between Indianapolis and Buffalo is an exhibition.

The Bills are actually favored in NFL preseason lines at SBG Global sportsbook.

2010 NFL preseason betting odds list the Bills as three-point favorites in a game that will be played in Toronto.  That number would be laughable if it was the regular season.  The Colts would be double-digit favorites over the sad sack Bills.  The difference in the preseason is that Peyton Manning and most of the Indianapolis starters only play for a series or two.  Last week the starters for the Colts were great and they led the 49ers 10-0. The backups came in and the Colts ended up getting routed 37-17.  How would you have liked to have taken the Colts and led 10-0 only to lose by 20 points?

Colts or Bills?  Who do you take on Thursday night?  Do you take the Colts and hope that backup quarterback Curtis Painter is better than he was last week when he threw three interceptions or do you take a Buffalo team that was humiliated 42-17 by Washington?

The case for Indianapolis:  The Colts are actually getting points in NFL preseason lines against the rotten Bills. That is enough of a case to take the Colts right there.  Painter should not be as bad as he was last week and the Bills offense is terrible.

The case for Buffalo:  The Bills would like to get a win for new head coach Chan Gailey and they will only be facing Peyton Manning or a series or two.  The Bills would also like to impress their fans in Toronto so they should have some intensity on Thursday.

The Total:  The best option on Thursday might just be to take the game to go under the total of 34.  If Manning and the first string offense fail to score then the Colts probably won’t do much and the Bills have already shown with Trent Edwards at quarterback that they have very little offense. And now the Bills don’t have running backs Fred Jackson or Marshawn Lynch. Under the NFL preseason lines total looks good.

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