Colts Wrap Up Minicamp – Football betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The most unusual minicamp in Peyton Manning’s career has ended after the Indianapolis Colts wrapped up their minicamp last week.

The Colts are still considered one of the favorites in football betting to win this year’s Super Bowl but they went through a lot of off-season changes.

The minicamp for the Colts went well but it was not without incident. Peyton Manning was unhappy about the lack of communication surrounding the situation with longtime assistants Tom Moore and Howard Mudd.  Both will return this season but because of the NFL’s pension plan, they will return as consultants, not as assistant coaches.  Moore is the only offensive coordinator that Manning has ever had and it is easy to see why Manning wants him back.  Mudd has been the offensive line coach during that time and protecting Manning has been a big key to the Colts’ success.

The Colts have a new head coach in Jim Caldwell since Tony Dungy retired in the off-season.  Dealing with a new coach is difficult enough but Manning did not want to have to be without Moore and Mudd as well.  Now that is not an issue since Indianapolis owner Jim Irsay has said that both will return in similar roles this season.  Caldwell has said it will all be worked out shortly. "We haven’t gotten there yet mostly because I think there’s a little bit of due diligence still to be done," Caldwell said. "Bill (Polian) has been talking to the lawyers, and once this practice is over tomorrow, I’ll have a little more time to work on that."

Football betting information tells us that the Colts have made seven straight playoff appearances.  They have won at least 12 games the last six years in a row.  They have won the AFC South five of the past six years. They are 15-1 in football odds to win this year’s Super Bowl.  Most football betting experts don’t believe the Colts will win 12 games again this season.  Their football betting total at the sportsbook is 10.5 which means the football odds makers believe they will not extend their streak of winning at least 12 games to seven years in a row.

With minicamp over, the Colts will look to the preseason to answer some of their questions including finding a replacement for Marvin Harrison.  Anthony Gonazlez looks to be Harrison’s replacement but sports betting information tells us that the Colts may have a much tougher task in finding someone to fill the #3 wide receiver slot.

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