College Football Wagering Choices

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering in college football gives you a lot of games to wager on each week.

As you look at college football wagering, you need to keep some basic points in mind and decide what you want to do to gain an edge when making football wagers.

Football wagering in college football is more successful if you narrow your focus. You have a lot of games on the board so you must narrow down the amount of plays you look at when making football wagers. In college football wagering a gambler should avoid having money out on too many games because more often than not you will find frustration with losses. Find a good criterion that you have already established and stick to it each week to determine your plays in football wagering.

The smart gambler will spend the off season getting his system ready to attack the football wagering lines once the season begins. Sometimes the fewer games that you play the better off you will be in college football wagering. Very often in football wagering it is just as important to know which games not to play as which games to play. You will notice on the college football wagering board that certain games just seem like traps. It is those games that look too easy that you really need to avoid. The public will probably get on these games but you should leave them alone with your football wagers. Along with avoiding the trap games you should take a long look at taking underdogs with your football wagers. You just can’t immediately throw teams out that are getting points in football wagering. That is another thing that many gamblers automatically do. They don’t want to play underdogs. What that does for most bettors is immediately give value to the dogs. Since the public are fearful of going against the chalk, the gambler that takes the underdog immediately gets some great pointspread value.

You can also look at college football in terms of line value. You know that taking the underdog is always worth a look but there are other choices you have in college football. You might find that you see a total worth playing. Most people don’t play totals in college football and since totals are pretty much ignored it is possible to gain an edge against the college football wagering line.

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