College Football Odds are Different

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds in college are a bit different than the NFL. No, the football odds don’t necessarily look different, but they are vastly different in how you bet them.

While NFL rosters will change a little bit with the salary cap and free agency, many key performers such as quarterbacks, running backs, and receivers will be signed for years.  That is definitely not the case in college football where rosters change every year with players graduating and the football betting odds are different.

Football odds in the colleges change because the personnel change. Anyone involved in betting college football odds must look at the coach of each program and whether or not the coach can deal with graduation and reload or whether it will take a couple of years. Certain programs reload instead of rebuild and they always seem to have high football betting odds. These programs are teams like Ohio State, Oklahoma, USC, and Texas.  One thing that these marquee programs have in common is coaching continuity.  Year after year these coaches prove their excellence at recruiting, as the new players replace the departed ones and usually the team doesn’t miss a beat.

Coaching evaluations can get a little bit tricky as you bet college football odds especially with new coaches that have no experience.  This is where it is important to consider the program and its history as you look at college football odds. There is no doubt that a team like Oklahoma and Ohio State is going to get great recruits every year. It is with teams like Northwestern and Toledo that you have to really consider the new players and evaluate the football odds. If teams like these lose a lot of starters then they probably won’t have the blue chip recruits that a team like Notre Dame has.

Wagering against college football odds is definitely different than wagering against NFL football betting odds. You have to look beyond the obvious and look at little bit deeper because of the player turnover. As you look at college football odds this season consider the every changing environment and look at the new recruits for the fringe teams and remember with the marquee teams that they usually just reload, not rebuild.

Always remember that NFL football betting odds and college football odds are different. Yes, they look the same but handicapping college football odds is different.

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