Cincinnati Bengals at Indianapolis Colts- NFL Preseason Betting

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting in the fourth week of the preseason is usually full of backup players and unpredictable play.

That may not be the case in this football betting matchup though. The wildcard in this NFL betting matchup is quarterback Peyton Manning. He has not played any of the preseason games for the Colts as he was recovering from injury but he should see action in this game and that makes the Colts an interesting NFL betting choice in NFL odds week 4 action.

NFL betting in the preseason saw the two teams meet last year in NFL odds week 4 preseason action and the game was very dull. The Bengals won a battle of backups 14-6. NFL betting history shows that the same thing happened a few years ago when the Colts played only two starters and again two years ago when they played only one.

Last season not many more starters played for Indianapolis according to football betting stats. This year could be different as starters will go as long as Manning goes according to NFL betting information. The Bengals are not expected to play their starters long on Thursday which means the Colts could be a prohibitive NFL betting favorite if Manning sees any substantial playing time. Backup quarterback Jim Sorgi has played well this preseason according to football betting stats and would be better than anything Cincinnati has behind Carson Palmer.

While Indianapolis has had their injury news focused on Peyton Manning, Cincinnati has had a number of injury problems as well according to football betting information. NFL betting information shows that the Bengals top two wide receivers (Chad Johnson and T.J. Houshmandzadeh) have been hurt and that has made the offense very predictable according to NFL betting experts. Chris Perry has seen a lot of time running the ball and has already shown that he is worthy of splitting time with Rudi Johnson this season according to NFL betting info.

The Bengals have been trying to find a backup quarterback for Carson Palmer and so far the leading contender is Ryan Fitzpatrick simply because he has the most experience according to NFL betting stats. If Manning plays for the Colts and Palmer plays only a series or not at all, the NFL betting edge for the Colts is huge in this game.

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