Choosing to Bet Football on Saturdays

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football action on Saturdays can be extremely exciting, perhaps even more exciting than NFL betting.

There are some factors that make college football handicapping something even the average player can do. Let’s take a look at what you need to do to be more successful as you bet football on Saturdays.

Bet football statistics are important to consider but not just the normal ones.  You have points scored, points allowed, yardage for and against but it is the other ones like rushing yards per game, rushing yards against, passing yards for and against, and the home/away splits that can be more important as you bet football. You can also include in your statistics categories as you bet football for things like strength of schedule, conference or non-conference games, and the past history between the two teams. Some handicappers like to look at trends for their college football betting. They get into histories of how a team did in certain situations, head to head, against the spread, and so on. These trends can also go off the deep end so you do need to be a little careful as you bet football.

Unlike NFL betting, college football betting can have big home field advantages.  You have teams like LSU, Florida, Ohio State, and other teams that have big home field advantages. There are many other teams that just don’t have a big edge. You definitely want to take home field into account as you bet football. Some people will bet football games strictly based on the numbers. If the numbers they make are better than the ones the oddsmaker comes up with then they will bet football games. Oddsmakers don’t always set numbers based on who will win the game; they make the number to get balanced action. Sometimes line value exists, and it can be to your benefit as you bet football.

Betting college football is very exciting; can be profitable, and it is definitely something that can make your money, perhaps more so than NFL betting. Remember that you can do college football handicapping and find edges that can make you money as you bet football.  NFL betting may be more popular but you might find that college football is more profitable as you bet football.

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