Choosing College Football Wagering

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football wagering is hugely popular on the NFL but it is also popular on college football.

While many gamblers will flock to NFL wagering, there are more and more gamblers that look at college football wagering. Gamblers that get involved in both pro and college football wagering find the colleges far more enjoyable to follow and to handicap each season.

Football wagering gamblers that make money each year will attest that college football is a better game to try and make a living at because of the variety. With about 120 teams in college football wagering compared to the 32 in NFL wagering, college football offers a lot more value and hidden gem potential than the professional game.  Instead of looking at just 16 games each week in the NFL, college football gives you about 50, most of which are on a single day, Saturday.

One of the reasons that professionals say college football wagering is easier to beat than NFL wagering is the fact that there are a lot of good programs that receive next to no attention from the media. Once a gambler gets past the obvious college football teams such as Texas, USC, Ohio State, Michigan, Oklahoma and others there are still numerous good teams that often slip under the radar screen of the masses, if not the football wagering oddsmakers themselves.

While there are still more hidden gems to be found with college football wagering than NFL wagering, it must be stated that the public is becoming better at college football wagering. The explosion of information on the Internet has turned many casual gamblers into serious students of college football wagering.

While the public is learning more and more about the nuances of college football wagering, it is also a fact that the public often utilizes the same methodology and information sources, which means that there is not a lot of diversity of thought or betting styles. The gambler that can come up with a unique way of looking at college football wagering will pull away from the pack and towards profits.

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