2019 AFC Championship Futures

Chiefs and Pats top 2019 AFC Betting on NFL Futures

February 13th, 2019 NFL Football, Online Wagering

Following their epic overtime championship game, the New England Patriots and Kansas City Chiefs opened as co-favorites for the 2019 AFC title.  New England escaped KC to move on to another Super Bowl championship with a masterful win over the Los Angeles Rams.  The Chiefs are considered to be a team with plenty of betting on NFL upside.  If they can field even as much as an average defense that could prove to be enough to win the Lombardi Trophy.  By contrast head coach Bill Belichick has proven to have cracked the code for New England.

2019 AFC Championship Futures

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What makes the Patriots such an astounding story is this is an era where the NFL rules are designed to prevent dynasties.  Yet somehow New England is more dominant than ever.  Most important of all they have been able to maintain betting on NFL value.  The public may bet the Pats in large numbers but it rarely matters.  To be exact New England finished in the black once again this year.

Kansas City

Kansas City has reason for optimism heading into 2019.  Take the case of quarterback Patrick Mahomes.  In his first year as starting quarterback he threw 50 touchdown passes and was named NFL most valuable player.  Now new defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo takes over a unit that has nowhere to go but up.  While KC was carved up like a Christmas ham by New England that’s not likely to happen again.

Teams to Consider

Owing to public online wagering habits are the Pats and Chiefs AFC chalks.  Sure, great cases can be built for both but that status is also based on past results. Bargain hunters may find alternative choices that bring a potentially better price.  Indeed, teams such as the Los Angeles Chargers or Indianapolis Colts come to mind.  John Harbaugh’s Baltimore Ravens look resurgent.  Pittsburgh is always in the hunt but the Steelers have been unable to finish.


To begin with the Super Bowl window on the Steelers is closing fast.  Quarterback Ben Roethlisberger has to be considered year to year.  Late on head coach Mike Tomlin is finally catching a lot of heat from fans that are fed up with the Steelers not getting back to the Super Bowl since the 2010 season.  What’s more the element of malcontent players has served as a turn off.  Tomlin is now tasked with reigning in the renegade element and get everyone singing from the same hymnal.


Los Angeles Chargers head coach Anthony Lynn impressed all with a strong season.  But a blowout loss at New England in the playoffs triggered doubts about LA’s long-term viability.


Increasingly there is hype about Baltimore and potential new starting quarterback Lamar Jackson.  For all that the Ravens still haven’t produced since their 2012 championship.

Matchup to Watch

Kansas City could have the missing piece with defensive coordinator Steve Spagnuolo.  More emphatically any kind of defense at all will make them a legitimate Betting on NFL favorite.

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In this situation Kansas City rates the call!

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