Can You Win Betting Football Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football odds can be beaten but it is not easy. The reality is that while some people can win, many more do not.

It looks so simple to make money betting against college and NFL odds. The football odds are posted in every newspaper, statistics are everywhere for the week’s games, and every sports show in the world is talking about the games. Why then is it so difficult to win betting football odds?

Football odds are so important to bettors and sportsbooks around the world. There are many reasons it is so difficult to win when betting football odds. A big reason that people fail when betting football odds is that they think it is so easy. They think that they know as much or more than the people making the line. They don’t. And do you know what makes this number one reason even worse? When the average gambler gets a little taste of success they think they know even more. That makes it even more difficult to win versus college and NFL odds. Why is that? The gambler gets a little taste of success and thinks he can do no wrong versus the football odds. Instead of doing the handicapping, the hard work, shopping for lines, and studying statistics, the gambler thinks everything will come easy and doesn’t do the work. That is a recipe for failure, and not just the average failure either. It’s much worse now because he had success to begin with. That is the biggest trap when betting college or NFL odds or any other kind of betting for that matter. We get a big head and think we are better than we really are. It is not easy to win versus football odds. Dispense with that fallacy and you will have made the first big step toward winning versus college and NFL odds.

The second thing that makes beating the football odds difficult to win at is that they are ever changing. The teams, the players, even the coaches, continually change, making it very difficult to get a handle on how the games will go. The ever-changing world of football makes it difficult to forecast how games will go. That makes wagering against football odds difficult. Trends and systems that worked years ago may not work at all now. Teams and players continue to change and to be successful wagering against the football odds the gambler must change as well.

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