Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns Sunday September 9

Browns vs. Steelers: A New Pro Football Betting Era to Begin!

October 29th, 2018 NFL Football, Sportsbook

In the same way that Cleveland was a miserable 0-16 team the Browns have flipped the script.  To begin with 2018 top NFL draft pick Baker Mayfield has arrived.  Although he is a backup to Tyrod Taylor he won’t be for long.  Correspondingly Mayfield as seen as the savior of the franchise.  Balanced against that is Pittsburgh quarterback Ben Roethlisberger.  Namely Big Ben is a respected  Pro Football betting Asset.  Additionally, he is emblematic of the Steelers organizational stability.  However, the natives are starting to get restless in the Steel City.  For one thing 2010 was their last Super Bowl.

Pittsburgh Steelers vs. Cleveland Browns

Date and Time:  Sunday, September 9, 2018, 1 p.m. ET

Location:  FirstEnergy Stadium, Cleveland, Ohio

Pro Football Betting odds at SBG:

Steelers-4 (-105)45½ (-110)
Browns+4 (-115)45½ (-110)
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Steelers vs. Browns TV Coverage:  CBS

Mike Tomlin

It is true that Mike Tomlin has been one of the most successful head coaches in the NFL.  On the other hand, the Steelers seem to have grown stale under his leadership.  As a result of that Tomlin changed offensive coordinators.  By reason of Roethlisberger getting up in years Pittsburgh’s Super Bowl window is closing.  But another problem is defense.  Jacksonville lit Pittsburgh up like a Christmas tree last year in the playoffs.  What’s more they Jags scored the Pro Football betting upset at Pittsburgh.  The end result is a fan base tired of New England’s dominance of the AFC.

Baker Mayfield

By contrast the Browns problems have been far worse.  Take the case of a winless season last year.  More emphatically owner Jimmy Haslam has been a disaster.  To exemplify coaches and general managers have seen a revolving door.  Though this may be true Mayfield’s arrival is seen as a sign of better times ahead.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Pittsburgh has been up and down as a road favorite recently.  To begin with they have paid in three of their last five in that situation.  Additionally, a whopping 16 of their last 19 as away chalks went under the total.

Cleveland Browns

Of course, Cleveland has had their own woes as a home dog.  Owing to their bad reputation is a flood of red ink in this situation.  To show the Browns have covered just three of their last 19 when getting points at home.  And 11 of their last 12 as pups at FirstEnergy Stadium stayed beneath the number.

Pittsburgh Steelers

Not withstanding their terrible teams, the Browns have had surprising sportsbook online value against Pittsburgh.  In fact, the Steelers have paid in just three of their last eight against the Browns.  Five of the last seven in this series also went under the number.  In turn the Steelers actually have their best success at FirstEnergy Stadium.  Pittsburgh came away with the cash in three of their last five visits to Cleveland.  Eight of the last ten between these teams at Cleveland also stayed under.

Matchup to Watch

Counter to last year there is considerable buzz and excitement in Cleveland.  Nonetheless they are nowhere near ready to compare to the Steelers.  Definitely Pittsburgh is recommitted for Pro Football betting success.  In spite of their problems the Steelers are a proven playoff caliber team.

Steelers vs. Browns Pro Football Betting Picks

Regardless of the hype the Steelers are the proven choice here.

Steelers vs. Browns Pro Football Betting Pick: Pittsburgh Steelers

Steelers vs. Browns Pro Football Betting Score Prediction:  Steelers 20, Browns 10

Ben Roethlisberger is one of the best in the game.  See why here!

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