Brandon Marshall Reports for NFL Betting Camp Unhappy

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL betting at sportsbooks will be impacted by Denver wide receiver Brandon Marshall.

He is considered one of the top receivers in the NFL and he makes an impact on NFL odds on a weekly basis. He is in training camp with the Broncos for 2009 NFL odds but he would rather be elsewhere.

NFL betting information shows that Marshall showed up for the first day of Denver Broncos’ training camp on Monday after skipping all of the offseason workouts. NFL odds show that Marshall really did not have much choice. He said in a short NFL betting press conference that he was in camp to avoid getting fined over $15,000 for every day he missed. The Broncos don’t have their first full NFL betting workout until Friday but some players were told to report on Monday, including Marshall.

Marshall was hoping to be with another team by now but NFL betting news shows that has not happened. Marshall’s agent Kennard McGuire said, "He said he was coming and he showed up." Marshall didn’t have much to say other than taking the diplomatic line. "I’m happy to play football. That’s what I’ve been doing since I was a little boy and hopefully that’s what I can continue to do. I’m going to take advantage of any opportunity I have to play football."

NFL betting reports in the past had Denver owner Pat Bowlen saying that the team would try and trade Marshall. That has not happened though and NFL betting tells us that head coach Josh McDaniels has said the team has no desire to part with their top receiver. Marshall is simply going to wait and see what happens. "Well, I mean, I have faith in conversations that I’ve had with ownership and my agent, and I’m just going to put my faith and belief in things that I’ve heard and all I can do is just, like I said, prepare myself for a season." Marshall said.

Marshall has had two straight 100-catch seasons as NFL betting numbers indicate. NFL betting info tells us that Marshall underwent hip surgery on April 1 and is still getting into game shape. Marshall’s situation is not going to get much better in terms of his contract as NFL betting notes show. Next year he will be a restricted free agent as NFL betting tells us, so the Broncos could apply the franchise tag to Marshall which would not make him happy.

Brandon Marshall may be back and he may impact NFL odds at the sports book this season but he is not happy.

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