Brandon Marshall Expected at Training Camp

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

The Denver Broncos finally got some good news on Thursday as wide receiver Brandon Marshall said he will report to training camp on time.

Not much has gone right for the Broncos this off-season as new head coach Josh McDaniels has alienated a lot of players but at least Denver has Marshall in the fold for now. Marshall requested a trade in June and still wants out of Denver.

Marshall intends to report to camp so he doesn’t lose out on his salary. NFL betting info tells us that he could be fined almost $16,000 per day if he misses training camp. "As of right now, I’m still under contract," Marshall said to the NFL Network, "I have a wedding to prepare for, so I’m definitely going to show up. I’m not going to let them take no money."

Marshall has requested a trade but he doesn’t have much leverage since he is still under contract. His off the field issues have made other teams a little bit leery of giving up a lot to get Marshall in a trade. So it looks like Denver will have their top receiver for 2009. The Broncos are still considered a huge online sportsbook longshot in NFL betting odds at 48-1.

While Marshall may be at training camp, he still wants out of Denver. "It wouldn’t be fair for me to sit up here and bash the organization and say things that we’ve been trying to keep behind closed doors," Marshall said. The Broncos really need Marshall to open up the field, especially without Jay Cutler. Kyle Orton is not considered a quarterback that can win games on his own so the Broncos need Marshall this season.

In the last two seasons, Marshall has 206 receptions, 2,590 yards and 13 touchdowns as NFL betting stats show. Marshall made the Pro Bowl last season and is considered one of the top receivers in the league.

Denver plays in the weak AFC West but is not considered a serious contender in NFL odds in the division. The San Diego Chargers are the main team in that division and the Broncos are lumped in with the Kansas City Chiefs and Oakland Raiders as teams that could struggle in NFL betting in 2009. Having Marshall in the fold at least gives Denver a player that can impact NFL odds at the sportsbook and make a difference in 2009.

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