Brady’s Arrival Significantly Changes NFL Bets Landscape

Brady’s Arrival Significantly Changes NFL Bets Landscape

March 24th, 2020 NFL Football, Sportsbook

Tom Brady’s defection from the Patriots to the Buccaneers will have long-ranging effects for NFL bets. First, New England’s dynasty is likely over. If Bill Belichick and the Patriots win a future Super Bowl it will be in a much different way than the past. Second, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers are now considered to be a top playoff contender. Whether or not that is based on reality or hype is what gamblers are trying to sort out. Further, the AFC East and NFC South divisional landscapes have been altered as well.

Tom Brady to Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Odds to Win Super Bowl NFL Bets odds at SBG:Tampa Bay Buccaneers 14/1, New England Patriots 30/1
2020 Season Win Total NFL Bets Odds at SBG:Tampa Bay Buccaneers 9, New England Patriots 9.5

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Tom Brady to Tampa Bay NFL Bets Overview

Certainly, there has been a sugar rush of gambling in regards to the Brady signing with Tampa Bay. Once the hysteria ends deeper questions will remain. To illustrate this move has the ultimate sportsbook ripple effect beyond just the Buccaneers and Patriots. Prospects of such teams as the Buffalo Bills, Carolina Panthers, and New Orleans Saints, among others, are connected to this.

Which Tom Brady Does Tampa Bay Get?

Tom Brady is football’s ultimate “GOAT” (Greatest of All-Time). Above all, he is known for winning Super Bowls. As recently as the 2018 season has Brady quarterbacked a world champion. However last season saw Brady’s production dramatically drop. Especially in the season’s second half. And that is where the great debate rages. Was the decline based on Brady’s age or a poor supporting cast? Or perhaps was it both?

New England did not surround Brady with explosive weapons in 2019. Additionally, the retirement of Rob Gronkowski made it far easier for defenses to tee off on Brady. Antonio Brown was brought in to give Brady a deep threat. That lasted a total of 11 days before Belichick cut the cord. With a plodding support cast, Brady dropped from a passer rating of 97.7 in 2018 to 88.0 in 2019. Just as alarming was his average of 7.6 yards per attempt in 2018 to 6.6 last year. In sum, this contrast is what sparks the debate as to why the decline.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers

For one thing, Brady will be stepping into a Tampa Bay offense that is an NFL Bets asset. It may come as a surprise to discover that the Bucs had the NFL’s third-ranked total offense for 2019. Tampa Bay ranked fourth in the NFL for scoring. Additionally, the Buccaneers were ranked number one in the league for passing yardage. However, quarterback Jameis Winston gave much of that back with a total of 30 interceptions thrown. Coach Bruce Arians simply couldn’t tolerate such slop. Thus, the decision to go after Brady.

Dynamic Duo

Commencing with Chris Goodwin and Mike Evans will Brady has a pair of weapons that were lacking in New England. To show, Goodwin and Evans each cleared the 1100-yard mark for receiving yards in 2019.

2020 Prospects

Arians are going to turn the offense over to Brady. Conversely, the coach has to focus on a defense that was a major liability for 2019. To this end, we are going to find out if 2019 was on Brady or the Patriots.

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