Brady Bunch to Reassemble for 2022 Season as Odds Jump Around

On the whole, the announcement that Tom Brady was returning to the Tampa Bay Buccaneers sent shock waves through the NFL odds. Previously, the Buccaneers were written off for dead after Brady said he was through. But immediately after he said he was coming back, the future’s market exploded with action on the Bucs. Incredibly enough, Brady did not make the headlines himself. NFL observers say this is the most insane trading and free agency period ever. At the beginning was the shocking news that Russell Wilson was traded from the Seahawks to the Broncos.

Updated 2022-23 NFL Super Bowl 57 Futures Odds

Date:Season Kicks Off on Thursday, September 8, 2022

Super Bowl 57 Championship Odds at SBG

Buffalo Bills+675
Tampa Bay Buccaneers+825
Kansas City Chiefs+837
Green Bay Packers+1000
Los Angeles Rams+1125
San Francisco 49ers+1400
Cleveland Browns+1500
Denver Broncos+1500
Los Angeles Chargers+1600
Dallas Cowboys+1625
Baltimore Ravens+2250
Cincinnati Bengals+2300
All Other Teams+2375 or higher

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2022 NFL Championship SBG Odds Overview

Futures betting has never been this volatile. Correlate that the big-name players changing teams has caused a sportsbook stampede. Nobody believed that Russell Wilson would leave Seattle. But he did. Additionally, Baker Mayfield is demanding out of Cleveland as the Browns acquired Deshaun Watson from the Houston Texans. And then there is Aaron Rodgers staying in Green Bay. However, his top receiver, Davante Adams, is now a Las Vegas Raider. So far, those are just a few of the big trades and free agency signings.

The Brady Bunch Is Back!

On the whole, most people took Tom Brady at his word that he was going to retire. Brady’s announcement that he was returning during college basketball’s selection Sunday added shock value. Few individual players can alter the future’s odds like Tom Brady. It is as if the Buccaneers were two different teams with and without him. In fact, that is a realistic view to have. But sharps will point to how the Buccaneers flopped in the divisional round against the visiting Los Angeles Rams.

Super Man Arrives for a Rocky Mountain High

Once upon a time, Russell Wilson was rated as the most dynamic quarterback with the NFL betting odds. Wilson quarterbacked the Seattle Seahawks to two Super Bowl berths, winning one. Yet many fans and gamblers will say that Seattle let the Wilson glory years go to waste. Much of the blame goes to head coach Pete Carroll. Pete allowed himself to believe Wilson could lead a successful one-man team. Instead, the Seahawks’ supporting cast eroded around Wilson. As a result of the last few seasons of failure, Wilson wanted out. We’ll find out if the problem was Wilson, Carroll, or both.

Brown Out for Baker Mayfield in Cleveland

Due to sexual assault allegations, DeShaun Watson was forced to sit out the 2022 season. The Houston Texans paid a terrible price with a lost season. Watson is out of criminal trouble on those issues. Still, he is likely to deal with civil suits for the foreseeable future. Yet the Cleveland Browns and quarterback Baker Mayfield have tired of each other. Mayfield’s immaturity has irritated the Browns. But Cleveland is taking a huge risk with their acquisition of Watson. Those civil suits will reveal ugly allegations that make for headlines and distractions.