Big Time Football Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football lines on marquee matchups are interesting to bet in both college and NFL football lines.

Football lines in college football are the most popular on the marquee matchups. The big time teams like Notre Dame, USC, Ohio State, LSU, Texas and others attract the most attention on the football lines board. It is similar to what happens with NFL football lines on teams like New England or Dallas.

Sometimes the best known college football teams are often the worst values on the football lines board, particularly as home favorites. Teams such as Georgia, Tennessee, Michigan, Miami-Florida, and Oklahoma all have had recent problems covering the football lines as home chalks, even while compiling fine records. Much of the problem that the traditional powers have in covering the football lines has to do with the “slaughter factor.” When such teams are hosting lesser known teams they are often made big favorites in football lines. This makes the public scared to take the other, weaker team, regardless of merit or value, and all that they can see is another slaughter or annihilation, so they lay the big football lines number, which more often than not are overlays.

The next group of teams such as Oregon, Missouri, Virginia, and Texas Tech all have name recognition with the public, yet are not held in the same esteem as the aforementioned power group in football lines. These teams can sometimes be values against the power teams but also be overlays against lesser known teams from smaller conferences in football lines.

Teams such as Utah and TCU have emerged frequently as good values from the “mid-major” conferences but even they can get overvalued in football lines. Some of the best college football values in football lines can come from the mid majors as they don’t get a lot of media coverage or respect. This is because the masses flock to other better known teams. Home field with the better known teams in college football can often be far more expensive than even NFL football lines. The public will bet NFL football lines more than college football lines but marquee games in college get a lot of attention from the public.

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