Betting Totals in Football Odds at SBG Global

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

It is all about finding value when you handicap football odds totals just as it is when you handicap sides. Don’t get locked into anything when you evaluate college and NFL odds.

Football odds have totals attached to them on most every single game on the betting board. Over/unders, also known as totals are an interesting area of football odds. Just as is the case with pointspread betting, over/under college and NFL odds must be handicapped in an attempt to find value.

Football odds in terms of totals are easy to understand. The football odds makers will post a number in which gamblers will wager on whether or not the combined score between the two teams in the matchup goes over or under that set number. For example, you might have New England playing Pittsburgh with a total in NFL odds of 45. The final score ends up New England 28, Pittsburgh 20. This combined score went over the NFL odds total of 45.

When you are analyzing the over/under football odds board it is important to keep in mind that the same principles of value apply, just as is the case when you are wagering on sides. For example, if you have a matchup of two high-scoring offensive teams that have rotten defenses, a high score is naturally to be expected. To the masses, that automatically means an “over” wager in football odds but that is not always a good bet. The catch to such a matchup is that the football odds makers not only know that the game should be high scoring, but they also know that the public will be wagering that way, so what happens is that the over/under posted on such a matchup is unusually high, in essence killing off the potential value of the over and making the under a possible in football odds. In essence, even if the game would be high scoring it may very well still go under the total because the football odds makers raised the price to meet consumer demand. The same principles would apply in a matchup of defensive oriented teams, when a low scoring game could go over the low football odds.

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