Betting Strategy in Online Football Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Online football betting enthusiasts employ a variety of money management strategies to maintain their bankrolls when making NFL bets.

One of the most common online football betting strategies involves using a unit betting system in which each unit signifies a certain quantity of money. Some online football betting fans who utilize the unit system restrict themselves to wagering the same unit in every bet throughout the season, which is a strategy with both advantages and disadvantages.

Online football betting with a one unit system means every one of your NFL bets will be of the same amount. By placing NFL bets in this way you guarantee that no bet will have a very large impact on your bankroll. These online football betting enthusiasts do not want to make a relatively large risk on one game and have the outcome of that game determine the overall success or failure of the week. This online football betting strategy therefore involves spreading the risk among different online football betting match ups, which can offer many benefits. It also restricts gamblers from making NFL bets of large sizes to chase losses. In other words, a single unit betting system can be used to keep better control over one’s online football betting. Furthermore, some online football betting enthusiasts who employ this strategy feel as though it makes them only wager on games that offer genuine online football betting value, because a betting system with different units devalues the lowest unit to the point that one unit wagers are made without much value being present.

Nevertheless, there are definitely also numerous disadvantages to online football betting with a single unit betting system. This money management strategy prevents gamblers from taking advantage of excellent online football betting value. Even if there are just a few games each season that one perceives as offering tremendous online football betting value, it seems illogical to limit one’s online football betting on those match ups so that it is the same as wagers on match ups not offering nearly as much value. Just like in blackjack, in which one must double down to take advantage of good hands, some online football betting fans feel one must try to win more when the online football betting lines offer the best value. Additionally, a single unit betting strategy is not fully effective at prohibiting one from chasing losses and making other bad decisions. Even though a gambler may not be able to chase losses by wagering higher amounts, he can always just wager on more online football betting match ups.

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