Betting on NFL Opening Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting on NFL opening lines presents gamblers with plusses and minuses. The NFL betting lines are set for a particular reason and the opening numbers you see are not necessarily what you will see later in the week.

Let’s take a look at the advantages and disadvantages of betting on NFL opening lines. Betting on NFL opening lines means that you will be wagering on the first number put out by the oddsmakers on Sunday evening for the upcoming week’s games. Those NFL betting lines can be the most difficult for the oddsmakers to set as they are based on a combination of the final results from that very day’s action along with the general abilities of the two teams involved along with their reputations, injuries, etc.

The idea that the oddsmakers have is to make the NFL betting lines such that there will be equal appeal towards both teams in a matchup so that the house will collect its ten-percent “vig” on all bets and make a profit regardless of who wins. If you have a strong opinion you might want to take a shot betting on NFL opening lines.

Keep in mind that the opening line is not going to stay that way for long as you are betting on NFL action. Line moves occur when a pointspread changes. For example if the opening line on a game had New England favored at -1.5 over Pittsburgh and the line changed to New England -1 you would have witnessed a “line move” of a half a point towards Pittsburgh. This means money had come in from someone betting on NFL action that liked Pittsburgh. Some times, there are no line moves on games but many will move a half point or perhaps a point but rarely will they move much more than that, and when they do it sparks questions for gamblers that are betting on NFL games. Perhaps the public likes a certain angle or a team when betting on NFL action and jumped all over it to cause a move. Perhaps it’s a set up by the sharps to get the public to follow them, only to come back with bigger bets later as they are betting on NFL lines. Or perhaps the oddsmakers set the opening line a certain way on purpose in order to cause a “trap” in which the masses all bet one way as they get sucked into the wrong side when betting on NFL games. There are many meanings to the NFL betting lines and many pitfalls to be aware of so keep that in mind as you are betting on NFL opening lines.

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