Betting NFL Games Involving the Miami Dolphins

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting NFL action involving the Miami Dolphins is a risky proposition. The Miami Dolphins are the leagues only winless team and some experts that look at betting NFL games are wondering whether the Dolphins will win a game this season.

Betting NFL odds each week on the Miami Dolphins are getting quite high. They are not as high as the opposite end of the spectrum, those for the New England Patriots who are unbeaten, but they are still getting up there. Miami is 0-9 on the season after a 13-10 loss to the Buffalo Bills. The Dolphins will be big underdogs in terms of betting NFL action at Philadelphia and at Pittsburgh where they should lose both games to go to 0-11. Experts that consider betting NFL games wonder if Miami could go 0-16.

Experts in NFL betting look at Miami and see a team with a terrible coach (Cam Cameron), no quarterback, a weak running game and an average defense. What this has meant is a lot of losses but since the defense is decent, some of those have been covers for gamblers betting NFL games. The Dolphins are 2-4-3 against the NFL betting pointspread. With the NFL betting lines expected to be extremely high in some of the remaining games, the Dolphins could pick up a cover for those gamblers betting NFL games.

Experts that consider betting NFL games believe the Dolphins may get better if they make a change at quarterback. Cleo Lemon is definitely not the answer so rookie John Beck out of BYU may be getting his first start soon.

Those experts that look at betting NFL games know that Miami is the seventh team to lose its first nine games since 1990. The worst of those teams according to experts that consider betting NFL games were the 2001 Detroit Lions who started 0-12. The best remaining chances for the Dolphins to win according to those experts that look at betting NFL games will be home games against the New York Jets who are 1-8 and the finale against the Cincinnati Bengals. Most teams really try hard to avoid going 0-16 so the chances that the Dolphins get a win are pretty good according to NFL betting experts. The key game may be the matchup against the Jets, so that will be the game to watch in NFL betting.

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