Betting NFL Football Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football lines in the NFL give you the choice of taking a side, a total or even a money line.

If you want to make money with football betting lines a good place to start is by looking at the underdog. That does not mean that you will always take dogs but that is the first place that you should look as you bet football lines each week.

Football lines on favorites are not always bad bets but you want to be certain that you are not laying more points than you should. Far too many times in NFL football lines a good home team will be laying more points than they actually should because of just that; they are good and they are at home and the mainstream gambling public gravitates to such teams automatically. The oddsmakers that make football lines are fully aware of and adjust their football betting lines accordingly to meet that public demand.

It is important to have a “sportsbook outlook” when looking at football lines. The gambler that follows the crowd or uses conventional wisdom to make his decisions versus the football lines will be broke in short order. What the smart gambler will do is put himself on the same side as the sportsbooks and oppose the public that bets football lines. The sportsbooks are rarely scared or intimidated by being overloaded on action one way or another. Contrary to popular belief the sportsbooks are not necessarily looking for equal action, they simply want the majority of people betting NFL football lines to be on the wrong side.

Since the mainstream gambling public uses macro sources like ESPN, talk radio, and the usual media outlets they are all utilizing the same information. To put it another way, there are no secrets in football lines as whatever information the public gathers is there for all to see, especially the oddsmakers, who will judge the information and how the public will react to it and set the football betting lines accordingly.

It is important for the gambler to have a big picture outlook when betting football lines and to not over-emphasize any one factor when looking at a game such as injuries, previous results, or weather conditions. In NFL football betting lines, only the complete picture should be utilized and judged rather than just a portion.

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