Betting Football on Adrian Peterson and the Vikings

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting football on the Vikings in 2007-08 was nothing short of thrilling due to the amazing performances of rookie running back Adrian Peterson.

With Peterson looking to begin his second year in the NFL, many football betting online analysts are wondering if Peterson can repeat the amazing success he enjoyed last year. Due to Peterson there are high hopes for betting football on the Vikings in 2008-09, but it is not clear whether Peterson will be able to achieve what is necessary for the Vikings to offer particularly good football betting online value.

Betting football on Adrian Peterson’s team is arguably one of the most exciting ways to undertake football betting online. Enthusiasts of betting football praise Peterson for his powerful, dynamic running style that has made him into a one man highlight reel. Peterson easily won Rookie of the Year honors by running 1,341 yards and scoring 13 touchdowns last year. His average of 5.6 yards per carry helped Minnesota establish the most feared running attack in the NFL. While betting on the Vikings was not particularly successful last year, as the team went 7-7-2 against the football betting online odds, there is little doubt that Peterson is the primary reason why betting football on the team was even that successful. Many analysts of betting football feel Peterson has what it takes to propel the Vikings far beyond last season’s pedestrian 8-8 overall record. In fact, many gamblers are predicting that we will be betting football on the Vikings in the playoffs this year and some football betting analysts believe the team may even have what it takes to win the NFC.

Other football betting analysts are far more skeptical about the potential success of betting football on Peterson and the Vikings in 2008-09. Last season Peterson missed several games with injury and his upright running style has some gamblers predicting more injuries in 2008-09 as Peterson takes responsibility for more of the workload. Everyone knows that betting football on the Vikings without Peterson is not the same as betting football on the Vikings with him, so a Peterson injury could significantly damage the Vikings’ chances of reaching the playoffs. Furthermore, quarterback Tavaris Jackson and the rest of the offense has yet to develop a strong aerial attack.

As long as Peterson is the only true weapon in Minnesota’s offensive arsenal, defences will zero in on Peterson as they began doing toward the end of last year. In other words, Peterson can only do so much for the success of betting football on the Vikings and he’ll need stronger teammates in order to have the opportunities he needs to break off amazing touchdown runs.

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