Betting Football Opening Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting football opening odds is an interesting way to get value in both college and NFL betting.

The most successful gamblers that take a look at betting football from a handicapping perspective will look at the opening football odds and determine if those odds offer them an edge. The opening football odds help the gambler that is betting football determine his minimum edge and separate the contenders from the pretenders for the week.

Betting football for gamblers should be based on numbers and not emotion. When betting football, a gambler that wins will look at each team independently. The winning gambler that is betting football must look at all of the statistical and power rating tools to analyze how much of an edge he has over the football odds. When handicapping against the college and NFL betting odds, a gambler must have some type of realistic formula that will decide if there is a relative edge to find a play. Although the final football odds are made by a person there is a lot of computer data that helps make up the opening college and NFL betting odds. The making of the football odds is done by a committee of experts as the job is simply too big and complex for one person to handle. These opening football odds will have mistakes in them though and those mistakes will be hit by gamblers betting football once the opening football odds are released. There are simply too many factors that can expose flawed odds that gamblers betting football will attack.

The opening college and NFL betting odds are where you will see the most line movement for the week. The professionals take their shots betting football as they compare their own power ratings against the numbers they see. It is this opening line movement that actually helps sportsbooks set the line for where it will be the remainder of the week for the rest of the people that are betting football. Remember that opening football odds are not what you see in the newspaper. The opening football odds are the virgin numbers that are released the Sunday before the games. These numbers are then bet into by the wise guys that are betting football and they settle into place for the Monday openers. Many sportsbooks will not release their official opening football odds until after all of this Sunday night line movement has occurred. Very often the opening football odds you see in the newspaper on Monday morning were never the opening football odds at all.

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