Betting Football from August to February

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Betting football starts in August and continues all the way into February with the Super Bowl.

NFL betting is definitely popular and fans from all over the world get involved. Gamblers are betting football beginning with preseason action and continuing through the Pro Bowl.

Betting football begins with preseason action in August. Betting football in the preseason can be somewhat tricky as you will often have teams utilizing lineups and players that you wouldn’t see in the regular season. In fact, results are often opposite in preseason of what they would likely be in the regular season as the poor teams use the exhibition schedule to try and build up confidence and momentum while the established power teams prefer to play backups in the preseason and strive to avoid injuries.

The early regular season can also be tricky as you are betting football. Oftentimes the pretenders are yet to separate themselves from the contenders so keep that in mind when betting football. In addition to that, gamblers will often reach out with unproven teams that are being hyped in college or NFL betting.

As the NFL season moves along, however, it is important to keep in mind that it is a marathon and not a sprint when you are betting football. Teams will go through winning and losing streaks so don’t overreact to anything when betting football. Year after year teams will lose two or three games in a row, the public will get off the bandwagon and the team will then recover. A huge tip to remember when betting football is not to overreact to wins and losses each week.

In the stretch drive towards the playoffs you will often encounter situations that are very similar to preseason when betting football. You will have good teams that have clinched everything that are resting key players for the playoffs while other teams will be trying to win. Sometimes the pointspreads will look a little skewed in NFL betting because of these situations.  Don’t overreact though, as history has shown anything is possible in NFL betting.

In the playoffs when you are betting football keep in mind that there have been numerous upsets in recent years and road teams have more than held their own, as NFL parity and competitive balance is the rule.

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