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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

For many sports bettors there is nothing better than betting NFL games on TV.

A lot of people won’t even bet NFL action unless the game is on TV.  You should be aware that NFL betting on TV games is very important to sportsbooks too.  The NFL betting on TV games is far more than those not on TV and that really applies to the Sunday and Monday games. Sunday afternoons are full of NFL betting but since the NFL provides regional coverage the games are spread out a little differently although there is usually one key late TV game.  How do you approach football betting when the games are on TV?

Sunday has a full slate of games, all of which are on TV, but depending upon your region of the country you usually get a couple of early games, one afternoon game and then the NBC game Sunday night.  In NFL betting the oddsmaker spends about the same amount of time setting the line for each of those games, but the Sunday night NBC game and the Monday night game get far more NFL betting action and the oddsmaker spends more time setting those lines.  Why is that?  There are a lot of NFL betting players that focus only on the TV games and no other games. If the game is not on TV in their region of the country, they won’t get involved. That may not be intelligent wagering but that is the way many NFL betting players wager each Sunday.  They will bet their regional games, the NBC game on Sunday night and the Monday night game on ESPN.  That is their NFL betting week. If you are going to bet those TV games you need to understand some things as they apply to football betting.

The oddsmaker has made some adjustments to the NFL betting lines on key TV games.  He knows that the public almost exclusively bets the favorite and the over in football betting.  That means the NFL betting line on the key TV games is shaded to the favorite and the over. The linemaker knows that TV games are bet by the public far more than the other games and he sets his NFL betting line accordingly.  If you are betting those games you need to know this fact.  If you like the favorite or the over then you need to take a second look and realize you are not getting the best NFL betting number.  If you happen to like the underdog in that NFL betting example then you are getting extra value and may want to step up your football betting play.

Betting TV games is something that everyone does at times in NFL betting.  Even wise guys bet TV games sometimes in football betting.  If you are going to bet TV games remember that the oddsmaker shades the favorite and the over in NFL betting.  It is a simple thing to remember but it can make you money this NFL betting season.

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