Betting in 2009 NFL Preseason Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL preseason odds begin in August although many online sports betting gamblers don’t give them much thought.

That is too bad since NFL preseason betting can be a profitable time for online betting gamblers.

NFL preseason odds will be unpredictable but you can find some great situations if you do the research. Some online sports betting gamblers will say that you can’t trust the backups, and that coaches and players don’t care.  NFL preseason betting can be very profitable because you can get more information on the games than the NFL preseason odds maker. You can get the advantage over the sportsbook.  It rarely happens in online betting but it does happen with NFL preseason odds. You can find out which quarterbacks are going to play, and for how long.  You can get the game plans of the coaches.  You can actually have better information than the people making the NFL preseason odds.  The main reason that NFL preseason odds are beatable for the professional gambler is information.  The NFL preseason odds usually come out Monday mornings for the upcoming week’s games.  None of the information about quarterback rotations, playing time, motivation, etc. is available that early in the week.  The NFL preseason odds maker is making a line on the preseason games without most of the facts.  The key information comes out later in the week when the NFL preseason odds are already out.  You can get the information before the sportsbook and bet into a weak NFL preseason betting number. 

The key to getting the information for NFL preseason odds is to read the hometown newspapers of the NFL teams.  Usually you will get the quarterback rotation for the upcoming week’s game as well as the full rotation for starters, etc.  This gives you a very good idea of what matchups you are looking for.  The strongest play in preseason has been when a team is playing their starters for most of the first half or into the third quarter, against a team that is only playing their starters a series or two.  It is a huge edge in NFL preseason odds. 

NFL preseason betting is something that all gamblers should be involved in. It does require you to do the reading and get the information, but it is worth the effort.  Give it some consideration and get ready to win money this year.