Bet Super Bowl Teasers

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet Super Bowl teasers as you look at this year’s game. Yes, teasers can still be played in Super Bowl betting.

Most people forget that there are actually four options when they bet Super Bowl odds. You can tease both sides and the over or the under.

To bet Super Bowl using teasers can be very interesting because the numbers are solid. During the regular season, very often oddsmakers have a difficult time setting accurate lines because of the sheer number of games, differing motivations, etc. With Super Bowl betting that is not the case. The teams are very motivated, the strengths and weaknesses of the teams are very well known, and for the most part the bet Super Bowl lines don’t move a great deal. The sportsbooks set a pretty good bet Super Bowl line and the point spreads are going to be pretty solid. While this may make it more difficult to pick a winner in the game against the Super Bowl betting pointspread, it may make it easier to bet Super Bowl teasers. Since the oddsmaker has done a better job making the odds, the chances of the game landing right around the number are greater. With that being the case, if we can get an extra 6 or 7 points in our favor we have a decent chance to make a Super Bowl betting teaser profitable.

Did you know that the most popular teaser bets in the NFL are two-team six-point teasers or two team 6.5 or 7-point teasers? Those are still available if you want to bet Super Bowl. You can actually tease both sides of the game and you can also do the same thing with the bet Super Bowl total. Obviously you don’t have as many games to choose from, but your chances of hitting the teaser are actually better than they would be during the regular season because the line is better. You would think that sportsbooks would worry about games falling so close to the number and having more teasers to pay off but they really don’t. Usually the percentage of people who bet Super Bowl teasers during the playoffs is extremely small, especially the Super Bowl.

Although most people don’t bet teasers when they bet Super Bowl, you will see some of the betting public teasing the favorite and the over. That makes sense since most of the time during the regular season the average bettor does the same thing. Definitely don’t ignore the teaser option as you bet Super Bowl odds this year.

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