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December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet Super Bowl odds on the most exciting game of the football season. There have been 42 previous Super Bowls and each one has unique characteristics.

Sometimes favorites win in Super Bowl betting while sometimes underdogs win. Sometimes gamblers will bet Super Bowl odds over the total while occasionally they will take the under.

Bet Super Bowl information tells us that underdogs have done well in recent years. Last year it was the New York Giants who won outright as 12.5 point Super Bowl betting underdogs against the New England Patriots. Finding the winner as you bet Super Bowl odds isn’t always easy but there are some clues that can help. The team that has the most rushing yards in the Super Bowl usually wins. This is not a huge surprise since the line of scrimmage is where games are won and lost.

Normally in Super Bowl betting you could take the big favorite and feel confident but not lately. Last year the Giants shocked the world and returned big money for gamblers that bet Super Bowl money line odds. Overall, though the underdog in previous Super Bowls has not done that well. In the previous 42 Super Bowls the underdog has only won outright a total of 11 times in Super Bowl betting. This bet Super Bowl stat seems low because of the recent success of underdogs but you must remember the long-term trends as you bet Super Bowl odds.

One of the favorite bets for gamblers that bet Super Bowl odds is the underdog on the money line. Yes, the underdog has won recently for gamblers that bet Super Bowl odds but overall the underdog on the money line is a poor value. The sportsbooks know that the public will only bet the underdog on the money line so the odds are shaded that way. Last season the Giants were not getting nearly what a normal 12.5 point bet Super Bowl underdog would have received on the money line. Keep that in mind if you taking the money line underdog as you bet Super Bowl odds.

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