Bet on the Redskins

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on the Redskins so you can see the best defensive plays and action in the NFL.

The Redskins simply have not been very good on offense with Jason Campbell at quarterback and that doesn’t look to change in 2009 as you bet on the Redskins.  A bet on the Washington Redskins will have you hoping to get TD runs by Clinton Portis and enough defense to win games.

Bet on the Redskins early in the 2009 season saw them cover against the Giants in the opener even though they lost outright.  In the second game the opposite occurred as they beat the St. Louis Rams but didn’t cover the spread.  Making a bet on the Redskins can definitely be frustrating with Campbell at quarterback.  Head coach Jim Zorn may also be part of the problem for the lack of offense.  The only dependable option is running back Clinton Portis so keep that in mind as you bet on the Washington Redskins.

Usually when you make a bet on the Washington Redskins at the online sportsbook you are going to see some defense. The Redskins paid a ton of money to Albert Haynesworth in the off-season, adding to the list of overpaid players on the team.  Washington plays in the very tough NFC East which means they are probably not going to make the playoffs. That doesn’t mean you can’t bet on the Redskins at the online sportsbook and pick up some wins though. They covered the NFL betting opener against the Giants and always seem to play close games against the Eagles and Cowboys.  The key when making a bet on the Redskins is getting enough points to cover the spread.  Since the team is not going to score much, a bet on the Redskins really needs the points to win.

Washington is not given much of chance in Super Bowl odds as they are 35-1 in NFL betting.  You can make a bet on the Redskins to win the Super Bowl but those odds really are not high enough to make it worth considering. The Redskins chances of making the playoffs seem remote and winning the Super Bowl with Zorn as head coach and Campbell at quarterback seems extremely unlikely.  Making a bet on the Redskins to go under the total in their games makes more sense.  Making a bet on the Redskins when they are getting points is also worth considering.

A bet on the Washington Redskins has been interesting if nothing else.  A bet on the Redskins is not always profitable but it is usually exciting and sometimes frustrating and that is oftentimes what NFL betting is all about.

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