Bet on the Packers

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on the Packers is usually popular, especially when Green Bay is playing at home.

Lambeau Field is a huge home field edge for Green Bay and gamblers like to bet on the Green Bay Packers when they are on the frozen tundra.  While individual game options are one way to bet on the Packers they are not the only choice.

Bet on the Packers in 2009 has their odds at 14-1 to win Super Bowl XLIV. Those odds will be adjusted somewhat as the Packers win and lose games but a bet on the Packers will be in that range.  Green Bay started the 2009 season with a win over the Chicago Bears and those that bet on the Green Bay Packers were rewarded with a pointspread cover.  The Packers didn’t look that great in the win over the Bears but their defense is definitely better than a year ago under new defensive coordinator Dom Capers. 

When you bet on the Packers you are likely to see a lot of offense as the Packers have a potent offense with quarterback Aaron Rodgers and wide receivers Greg Jennings and Donald Driver.  Even running back Ryan Grant is a threat to score.  Making a bet on the Packers in the past has been all about offense but this year could be different.  If the first week’s results were any indication, the Packers could better than last year on defense.

Green Bay is normally going to be favored at home so keep that in mind when you bet on the Packers. Green Bay has a big reputation in the NFL so you are paying a premium price when you bet on the Green Bay Packers when they play at home. The bargain might be found when you bet on the Packers when they travel.  The Packers can score and play enough defense to be a decent wager on the road.  Anytime you bet on the Packers and are getting points it is worth considering.

As you bet on the Packers this season there are a few things to remember. The team plays in a tough division with the Minnesota Vikings and Chicago Bears. Keep in mind as you bet on the Green Bay Packers that the team also has tough games this season against Dallas, Baltimore and at the defending Super Bowl champion Pittsburgh Steelers. Making a bet on the Packers could be profitable though and it should definitely be exciting.

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