Bet on Super Bowl Winners

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on Super Bowl winners can be found if you remember a few things.

What does it take for an NFL team to win the Super Bowl? Is there something special that separates the contender from the pretender? Let’s look at past Super Bowl betting winners.

Bet on Super Bowl pointspreads have seen the favorite win just over half the time through the years. Just because a team is favored in Super Bowl betting doesn’t mean they will win. For a team to win the Super Bowl they have to avoid major injuries. It is extremely rare for a team to lose a star player and still win for gamblers that bet on Super Bowl games. To win a Super Bowl a team also needs a good coach. Look at the coaches that have won Super Bowls. You see Bill Belichick, Bill Cowher, Bill Parcells and others. You don’t see poor head coaches winning Super Bowls. A good front office is also important. The front office must be able to keep the team together and mesh the players into a cohesive unit. Teams that try the free agent route and the free spending route have not done very well for gamblers that bet on Super Bowl action.

Another big key to winning the Super Bowl is for the team to peak at the right time. How many times have we seen a hot team get on a run and win in Super Bowl betting? A team doesn’t always need to have the best record to win in bet on Super Bowl action. A team just needs to get hot and play great for a few weeks. Getting in the playoffs gives a team a chance to be a bet on Super Bowl winner. Look what happened with the Giants last season for gamblers that bet on Super Bowl odds. The Giants got hot and made gamblers that bet on Super Bowl odds some nice money.

In recent seasons the NFL has shown that parity is the name of the game with bet on Super Bowl wagers. When gamblers get ready to bet on Super Bowl action they should remember that nearly any team can win. In the last 10 seasons we have seen teams like Indianapolis, Tampa Bay, New England and Baltimore all win for gamblers that bet on Super Bowl action. History has shown that anything is possible in Super Bowl betting.

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