Bet on Super Bowl Knowledge

December 1st, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on Super Bowl knowledge can carry over into the next season if you are paying attention.

One of the easiest Super Bowl betting trends to remember is to go against last year’s Super Bowl participants the following year. Teams playing in the Super Bowl have not done very well against the spread the following year and going against them has been a very good idea.

Bet on Super Bowl knowledge is oftentimes forgotten by gamblers. It should be remembered that when teams play against Super Bowl participants from the previous year they almost always have more incentive to play hard and that immediately provides motivation. The bet on Super Bowl teams have targets on their backs nearly every game. From 2000-2004 the previous year’s Super Bowl Champs were a disaster against the spread going 27-37-3. Going against the bet on Super Bowl loser has been even better. You could call it the hangover effect. During that same time period the bet on Super Bowl loser went 19-42-3 ATS. How is that for an easy bet on Super Bowl system to remember?

The one team that has bucked that trend in recent seasons is the New England Patriots. When it comes to Super Bowl betting trends though, going against the teams from the previous year is a long-term winner. The big part about going against the bet on Super Bowl participants from the previous year is the great value you get nearly every week. The bet on Super Bowl champs are almost always overpriced and the runner-ups start the season with a high price as well. The hangover effect seems to really affect the runner up, so getting value makes even more sense going against them. We have to remember that the last thing people remember from the previous NFL season is the bet on Super Bowl winner. The bet on Super Bowl winner and the runner up get far too much respect in the betting line. That does not automatically guarantee you a victory when you go against them, but it does give you a good place to start.

History has shown that a bet on Super Bowl victors is traditionally a bad bet the next year. This is a Super Bowl betting trend that has stood the test of time and those are the type that you really want to follow. There are so many trends that are not worth anything because they have some irrelevant statistics that mean nothing. With this particular Super Bowl betting trend you have solid reasoning and great statistics to support it.

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