Bet on NFL Money Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on NFL money lines if you want to avoid the pointspread. Money lines are available to you if you don’t like to lay or receive points in NFL betting. The money line, unlike the pointspread, is when all you care about is winning the game.

Bet on NFL money lines has you laying more money with the favorite or taking plus money with the underdog.  For example, if the New York Jets are a 6-point dog at the New England Patriots, the money line would instead be something like Jets +300, Patriots -340 as you bet on NFL action.

This means that gamblers who think that the Jets would win the game straight up in an upset would win $300 for every $100 wagered or the 3-1 equivalent as they bet on NFL money line action. Gamblers who thought that the Patriots would win the game straight up would lay out $340 for every $100 that they were trying to win or the 3.4-1 equivalent as they bet on NFL money line action. The forty cent difference that you notice in prices between the teams is what is known as a “forty cent line” as you bet on NFL money lines and is the equivalent of the “vig/juice” for pointspreads when you bet on NFL games.

One of the best features about the money line is the amount of confidence that it gives gamblers who have become gun shy about laying points when they bet on NFL games. Too many times, gamblers have been burned by picking the correct straight up winner while losing their wagers because those teams couldn’t cover the NFL betting pointspreads. This causes gamblers to become gun shy and to bet with a lack of confidence in NFL betting.

With the money line, a gambler that is certain about which team is going to win the game can pound that game with a large bet as they bet on NFL action without the worry of having to sweat out a pointspread cover or the losing team sneaking through the “back door.” Professional gamblers may also choose to bet on NFL money lines with underdogs if they believe the team can win outright without the points.

Money lines are a great option to consider as you bet on NFL action this season.  They can definitely be another option to use in NFL betting.

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