Bet on NFL Line Moves

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on NFL lines moves if you want to have a lot of action in NFL betting. The “closing line” is the final line posted at kickoff when action on the game is cut off by the sportsbooks.

At that time the line may have had a minor move or several moves back and forth or even a major move. The reasons for the final and closing moves are many and you don’t always know what happened to cause the move as you bet on NFL action.

Bet on NFL lines is sometimes like reading the stock market in that you will see a lot of movement and the lines will fluctuate, often violently, for the most absurd reasons and over-reactions. For example, the main “angle” that gamblers that bet on NFL games use is actually quite simple and that is they take the superior team as a home favorite. It doesn’t get much more complicated than that for many gamblers that bet on NFL games. The gamblers that bet on NFL games simply have a “comfort zone” in which they prefer betting on what they perceive to be two advantages for the price of one. The better team with the home field advantage in NFL betting.

The problem, of course, with consistently playing home chalks as you bet on NFL games is that oddsmakers are aware of this preference and will adjust their lines accordingly to meet consumer demand. In essence, you will often see home favorites that are favored by a point or two more than they should be which may cause the NFL betting lines to move towards the road dog with “sharp” or professional money going that direction.

You will also notice as you bet on NFL action that media spin and hype will often have a major influence on the lines. For example, if there was an extreme result from the previous week such as a blowout win/loss or major upset for a statement maker type game the media will beat those scenarios to death along with giving out their prognosis on what will follow and gamblers that bet on NFL games will blindly follow along. This also happens a lot on sports talk radio where the hysteria can reach massive proportions and affect gamblers that bet on NFL action.

Keep in mind that such intangibles as injuries are also a key component to the final NFL betting lines that you will see and can cause massive fluctuation on the prices. Ultimately, to win when you bet on NFL games you must be adept at reading line moves and understanding them.

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