Bet on Football Opposites

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on football opposites if you want to win money. In the NFL when a team is written off for dead, that is often when you get their greatest value.

When the public gets mad because a team cost them money and they lost a tough game or two that is often the time to give such a team a good hard look when you bet on NFL action.

Bet on football gamblers really have a hard time going the opposite way. A team that is coming off a bad beat may not be a bad team and may be ready to turn things around against the odds. The other challenge is to avoid teams that the public falls in love with as they bet on football. You have to stay away from those teams because you are getting no value as you bet on NFL games. Sometimes when looking at NFL odds or other odds it doesn’t matter how good or bad the team is. What matters is how good or bad the public thinks they are. That is where you discover value as you bet on football.

As you bet on NFL action you will see that certain teams are overvalued while others get no respect. That is because of the public’s perception. Public teams like Dallas and New England are going to get a lot of respect while a team like San Diego or Cincinnati may not. That gives you extra value by taking those teams as you bet on NFL action.

The same things happen as you bet on football with college teams. Teams like Notre Dame, Michigan, USC and others are going to always get more respect from the public than a team like Toledo, Utah, or Colorado State. The big marquee teams always have extra points attached to their bet on football lines because of their name.

Late in the NFL season or the college season you will see a team finally start to get respect from the public after they continually cover the bet on football pointspread. Your job is to find that team before the public does as you bet on football. And it is not that hard as you bet on football. The public will be very slow to get off a team and they will be very slow to get on one that is undervalued as they bet on football. The public is very keen to looking at the obvious as they bet on football.

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