Bet on Football Halves

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet on football options include more than just betting sides and totals. It may be a surprise to many newer gamblers that you can wager on half of a game when you bet on football.

Let’s take a look at college and NFL betting in terms of halves. Bet on football choices for first half and second half wagering are available in college and NFL betting. These include pointspread sides, over/under totals, and, sometimes money lines. When you bet on football halves keep in mind that the only result that pertains to your wager is the half that you bet on, with the other half of the game having no relevance to your bet. For example, if you bet on the first half, what happens in the second half has no bearing whatsoever on your college or NFL betting wager, and vice versa.

Halftime wagering has been around for a number of years and is popular with average gamblers and professionals that bet on football. A generation ago, halftime wagering was only available at Las Vegas sportsbooks on select NFL games but now you can get both first and second half action on all of the games when you bet on football.

Professionals will use halftime/second half betting as a major part of their overall gambling portfolio as they bet on football. The first advantage to half time wagering as a gambler will bet on football is that he can get a feel for how the two teams match up in the game. A second and just as relevant factor in halftime wagering is that a gambler can get the team he originally wanted as he bet on football at a bargain price in college or NFL betting lower than the price he would have gotten for the entire game before it started. For example, a seven-point chalk for the entire game can actually turn into a four-point chalk if you jump in on them at the half if they were trailing by three points.  It all depends upon the score and the situation with second half wagering as you bet on football.

First half wagering is a great option as you bet on football if you expect one team to bolt out strong.  You don’t have to worry about what happens late in the game. First half and second half bets are excellent options to consider as you bet on football, so don’t forget about them.

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