Bet on Football Contests

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

To bet on football one has a variety of options regarding the different types of NFL bets that can be made.

One of the most entertaining ways to bet on football involves participating in contests that last the duration of the NFL season. However, when making NFL bets in more than one of these contests one must decide whether to bet on football in the same way in each contest.

To bet on football with the same NFL bets placed in each contest you participate in is certainly quite logical. If you have decided that one side in a football betting match up offers better value than the other then it makes no sense to completely contradict that decision. Even for games for which you do not have a strong lean, your small lean is still meaningful. One would not normally bet on football by wagering against his gut instinct, so it makes little sense to do so when placing NFL bets in a contest. Furthermore, many contests do not require you to bet on football on each and every game. Therefore, you likely have the option to simply ignore those match ups that do not appeal to you. This way you only bet on football with the games you like and you do not have to wager against your leans.

Despite the rational behind placing the same wagers in different contests, some gamblers who bet on football contests choose to place opposing NFL bets in the different contests. This strategy to bet on football contests gives gamblers a guarantee that a certain game will win in at least one of the contests. Many gamblers who bet on football in this way do not place the exact opposite wagers in different contests, but rather place contrasting NFL bets for only a few of the games. For example, imagine you are going to bet on football with two contests and in one week there are 12 games you have a strong lean on and four games for which you are completely undecided. In this situation you may want to place NFL bets on the 12 games you like for each contest, but bet on the different sides for each of the four games you are unsure of. This way you are able to bet on football following your gut instinct with the majority of the games and the final four match ups will simply be determined by luck. With those four games there is a decent chance that you will end up with at least three wins in one of the contests, meaning your weekly total in one contest could be quite high.