Bet on NFL: Rams vs. Colts

November 8, 2013 NFL Football

Andrew Luck had to resort to some intestinal fortitude in order to lead the Indianapolis Colts to a comeback win over the Houston Texans on Week 9. The Colts offensive linemen were playing like policemen on the take, with Luck playing the role of Frank Serpico. That is a state of affairs that Indianapolis simply can’t afford to let happen again when they host the St. Louis Rams this coming Sunday the 10th. The Rams and the Texans are not that different, at least record-wise, and if Huston was on the verge of defeating the Colts, then people who bet on NFL football better believe that St. Louis could very well finish the job.
One thing that the Rams have and the Texans don’t is a great pass rush (the kind few teams do, actually), personified by the gruesome twosome of Robert Quinn and Chris Long. They have a total of 15.5 sacks between the two, 10 of which are credited to Quinn alone. Make no mistake, the Colts are 10 point favorites, but it isn’t by any means out of the question for St. Louis to find a loophole in Indy’s gameplay and pull off the upset. People who bet on NFL and on the Colts better hope that the offensive line learned its lesson, and will make sure that Luck has enough room to breathe; if that’s the case, then the Rams will have a tough day.
Indianapolis pretty much exorcised any demons they might have had by slaying the Peyton Manning dragon. It is not impossible that this triumph may have gone to their heads, though, which might explain to gamblers that bet on NFL their poor showing versus the Texans. Yes, they did win in the end, but it was a close call. Speaking of close, the Rams have come pretty close versus both the Seattle Seahawks and the Tennessee Titans; will the third time be a charm for St. Louis? That elusive win would be exactly what the doctor prescribed for the Rams right before going on bye on Week 11. As for the Colts, their offensive line needs to show that they can take the heat, or get out of the kitchen. 

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