Bet on NFL: Broncos vs. Colts

October 17, 2013 NFL Football

Why do Bronco fans who avidly Bet on NFL at an Online Sportsbook think at -6 ½ odds their team can win?
Since former Colt QB Peyton Manning comes to Indy at Lucas Oil Stadium for this Sunday Night Football matchup at 8:30pm with an undefeated 6-0 record! Manning and the Broncos in the 1st six games has thrown for 22 touchdowns and the team has also set a record of scoring of 265 points for those six games. The Broncos offense in the first 6 games averaged a minimum of 35 points per game! QB Manning now leads the NFL in almost all categories pertaining to the passing game with a 22.2 ration for touchdown to interception.  
When it comes to the Broncos offensive running and passing game, Moreno is 1st in the NFL with seven touchdowns this season and he is one of the three running backs the Broncos deploy during a game.  Denver has at least 4 receivers who total 31 receptions with tight end Thomas having 7 touchdown and Wide receiver Welker with eight. 
Defensively the Broncos have struggled with All-Pro Bailey returning last week and this week Miller the Outside linebacker who registers 30 career sacks returns for suspension and to this point in the season the defense leads the league against the run but host the worst passing defense in the league.  For the online sportsbook fans of the Broncos, another stat that they may be interested in is that the defense is even between ten (10) committed turnovers compared to ten (10) forced turnover for the season thus far. 
Thus what makes the Colts (4-2) fans who love to wager at the Online Sportsbook happy with the Broncos favored at -6 ½ Odds? 
It appears that last week’s defeat to the Chargers 19-9 after a big win the previous week over the Seahawks 34-28 that the Colts were taken up in a defensive trap game where their offense was stymied.  Since the game with the Broncos is one of the Colts’s most important game of this season and the Colt fans who love to bet on NFL feel certain their team will have no problem getting hyped up for the game.  
The knowledgeable sports fans know that the key to the Colt’s beating the Broncos is developing a balance offensive attack with a running game which was absent in the loss to the Chargers! The running game for the Colts with Richardson and Brown can open up the passing game and permits the team to control the speed of the game or possession of the ball which could allow them to upset the Broncos since Denver likes to play a fast game. That would fascinate the sportsbook fans but of course the Colts defense will have to step in up a notch, but all is attainable!  
With this game bringing together two of the best AFC teams it should be a very interesting matchup but somewhat more attractive had the Colts remained unbeaten and specifically not having last week’s loss to the Chargers!  But then again it hard to count out second year Andrew Luck and his passing and running feats. 

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