Bet on Football with Vegas Teasers at the Half

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

To bet on football with teasers, you have the freedom to choose from numerous different options for football betting online.

Vegas teasers are some of the most popular teasers that gamblers use to bet on football because they provide excellent payoff odds that can be increased by football betting online with more teams. The key to successful football betting online with Vegas teasers is to exploit the teaser points for as much benefit as possible on a select number of games that deserve your football betting online action.

A bet on football made with a Vegas teaser gives you the benefit of six points for every football play involved. To bet on football with a Vegas teaser is, therefore, different from how you would with Special teasers, in which you can choose from different amounts of points to use. Regardless, six points is plenty for most fans of football betting online. With six points, you can turn a mediocre bet on football into an excellent one. For example, a team may only offer decent value at -2½, but tremendous value at +3½. In fact, one important strategy to implement as you bet on football with Vegas teasers is to attempt to cross the three whenever possible. This is true because so many football games are decided by three points. So moving a +1 team to +7 is a huge advantage as you bet on football. At +1 the team basically must win the game for your bet on football to payoff. At +7, the team can lose by a field goal and your wager will still win, or lose by a touchdown and the teaser will just go down to a lower level.

Besides trying to cross important numbers when you bet on football with Vegas teasers, you should also ensure that each play you include in the teaser offers value.

Because you can significantly increase his payoffs odds by including more teams when bet with Vegas teasers, many gamblers get carried away and end up including too many teams in their Vegas teasers. This strategy is not a good method to bet on football because even with the six point buffer some teams will not cover the betting spread. Therefore, you should find a balance between quantity and quality as you bet on football using Vegas teasers. Don’t omit excellent plays simply to avoid making the Vegas teaser too big, but don’t include relatively lousy plays as a means to increase your possible payoff odds.