Bet Football Online Playoff Action at the Half

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football online action during the playoffs is some of the best of the season.

NFL betting during the playoffs is exceptional at sportsbooks. Let’s take a look at some factors you need to consider when you bet football online playoff action.

Bet football online playoff action is not like the regular season. So many people forget this one simple fact. The regular season is gone and it is a new season and new factors are important as you bet football online. If you go back and look at regular season statistics and try and predict playoff games you could run into trouble in NFL betting. Make sure you remember that the regular season is over and the playoffs are a separate event as you bet football online.

In addition to remembering that the regular season is gone you also have to remember that teams don’t suffer letdowns in the playoffs and teams rarely let off the gas if they get big leads like can happen during the regular season. Usually teams will not let up during the playoffs and that means the big spreads as you bet football online are not as much of a problem as they would be in the regular season. Now, having said that, you have to remember that the playoffs are more competitive and big lines are unlikely anyway in NFL betting.

Another big difference to keep in mind between the regular season and the playoffs when you bet football online is that the underdogs don’t have the same value they had during the regular season. We stated the reason of teams not letting up earlier and that makes the dog less attractive as you bet football online. If you are set on betting an underdog as you bet football online in the playoffs then you really should take them on the money line as well. If you think the dog is going to cover then you better believe they can win the game, because unlike the regular season, dogs don’t get very many backdoor covers in NFL betting. Just think about how many times during the regular season a team will come back and cover a big spread in the last few minutes. It doesn’t happen much as you bet football online in the playoffs.

As you look to bet football online during the playoffs keep in mind these factors we have talked about. Don’t automatically look to the underdog as you might do in the regular season and don’t go looking back at regular season statistics and hope to find anything worthwhile.

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