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December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Bet football online gamblers can be divided into two categories. You have gamblers that win money and you have gamblers that lose money.

Those that win at college and NFL betting usually handle their money well while those that lose do not. Bet football online money management is a far more important ingredient to a gambler’s overall success than any expertise.

There are plenty of sports geeks that bet football online and lose money consistently despite all of their knowledge because they haven’t the slightest idea on how to properly manage a gambling bankroll. Remember that many gamblers that bet football online don’t even truly know what a gambling bankroll actually is.

To many gamblers, a bankroll is whatever is in their wallet or on their credit card tab as far as available funds to bet football online. They will often, unfortunately, end up “betting the come” by using money that is meant for day-to-day living expenses on college and NFL betting wagers that they assume will win as they bet football online. And that is a great example of what a gambling bankroll definitely is not. A true gambling bankroll is what a gambler has left over to bet football online after all of his living expenses are accounted for.

Once a true gambling bankroll has then been established, (which is an important first step), a gambler must next learn how to manage that bankroll properly to bet football online. Betting half or all of whatever the bankroll is determined to be is not money management when you bet football online. And yet this is another common mistake made by everyday gamblers who know so much about sports and yet nothing about how to win when they bet football online. You must reign yourself in and protect your bankroll from needless risk, which means that you shouldn’t be wagering more than five-percent of your bankroll at any time, and preferably around one to three-percent on any game in college or NFL betting.

Managing your bankroll means that you will endure bad days and streaks and live for better days when you bet football online.  That is what it is all about as you battle the college and NFL betting odds.

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