Best & Worst Backup QB’s for 2010 NFL Preseason Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

One of the biggest keys to winning in 2010 NFL preseason betting is finding teams with the best backup quarterbacks.

During the regular season it doesn’t matter since the starters play the entire game but during the preseason the backups get a ton of time.  Here is a look at the teams with the best and worst backup quarterbacks that will impact NFL preseason lines.

2010 NFL preseason betting in recent seasons has not been that successful on the Indianapolis Colts and the reason is the play of their backup quarterbacks. Yes, the Colts have Peyton Manning who is a great quarterback but he doesn’t play much during the preseason.  That means the outcome of the game will be determined by Curtis Painter, Tom Brandstater, Drew Willy, and Tim Hiller.  You may not want to wager on the Colts in the preseason.

The defending Super Bowl champions New Orleans Saints don’t have much behind starter Drew Brees.  They have Chase Daniel and Sean Canfield. The Colts and Saints may be favorites in the regular season but they are not teams to wager on in NFL preseason lines because of their weak backup quarterbacks. Another team with nothing at backup quarterback is the Chicago Bears. They have a good starter in Jay Cutler but nothing behind him with Caleb Hanie and rookie Dan LeFevour.  The Bears have a new offense with coordinator Mike Martz and it might look good with Cutler but it could struggle with the backup quarterbacks.

Some teams have excellent backup quarterbacks who can make a difference.  The Baltimore Ravens have a solid starter in Joe Flacco and they have excellent depth behind him with Marc Bulger and Troy Smith.  The Tennessee Titans are another team with a very good backup as Kerry Collins backs up Vince Young. Another excellent backup is in Miami as Chad Pennington backs up Chad Henne.  The Washington Redskins have Donovan and they also have a quality backup quarterback in Rex Grossman.

When you get ready to make your wagers this preseason you really need to look long and hard at the backup quarterbacks.  Teams like New Orleans and Indianapolis have All-Pro quarterbacks as their starters but your wagers are not going to be determined by Drew Brees and Peyton Manning. They are more likely to be determined by who is playing in the fourth quarter.

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