Best Rushing Offense against the Best Run D

October 10th, 2019 NFL Football

Best Rushing Offense against the Best Run D. Top sportsbooks had the Green Bay Packers pegged as the favorites over the New York Giants this past weekend, and the Green and Gold did not fail to disappoint. Beating the Giants had enormous playoff implications for Green Bay, especially when considering the current standings in the NFC North. Right now the Vikings lead the division with their undefiled 5-0 record, but the Pack is close behind them at 3-1. Green Bay’s only loss this season has come at the hands of their longtime rival the Vikings, so needless to say Minnesota has one up over the Packers.

 In Week 4 the Vikings beat the Giants, therefore had the Packers lost to the Giants they would’ve started to really fall behind Minnesota. The Vikings are the reigning NFC North champions, and they’re doing a hell of a job of reclaiming the division this year. But the Packers aren’t giving up hope yet, especially when considering how early in the season it still is. The best way for Green Bay to reclaim the division is by simply winning their games. Next up for the Packers are the Dallas Cowboys, who have done a marvelous job of starting 2016 without Tony Romo. Which team will prove most worthy of your bet on NFL money lines this Sunday?

Week 6 – Sunday the 16th of October 

Dallas Cowboys -4 (-107) 46½ (-110) +350
Green Bay Packers +4 (-112) 46½ (-110) -450

While it’s not a complete surprise to see the top sportsbooks favor the Packers this Sunday, it is surprising to see Green Bay being favored so heavily. More so, it’s a bit humorous to see the odds favor Green Bay this much, and yet only make them cover a 4 point spread. It’s almost ironic to see the oddsmakers make such lopsided odds on the money line, yet only have the Packers cover a 4-point spread. But you can’t honestly blame them, especially when considering how inconsistent the Packers have been playing. Take their last game for example.

Green Bay opened the ballgame beautifully with a drive that took more than 8 minutes of the clock and put 7 points on the board. If the Packers can deliver a drive like that every time their offense steps onto the field then there’s no way Green Bay wouldn’t be hoisting the Vince Lombardi Trophy at the end of the season. Unfortunately, the Packers offense has been too inconsistent to really label them either elite or mediocre, and the way their playing now, any team could upset them. All they have to do is play 4 solid quarters of football, something the Packers haven’t done once this season.

There’s no question this game will create a plethora of interesting matchups, but one shines bright above the rest. Coming into this game, both the Cowboys and the Packers rank #1 in a very interesting category. Dallas will be coming into this game with the best running game in the NFL, thanks in part to Ezekiel Elliot’s impressive efforts. Elliot currently has 546 rushing yards – more than 23 NFL teams have. However, the Packers’ have the #1 run defense in the entire NFL. Who will prove the better squad, the Packers’ run defense, or the Cowboys’ unrelenting running game? Either way, take the top sportsbooks word on this one; this is one matchup you do not want to miss.

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