Best NFL Betting Spread Options for this Weekend’s Wild Card Action

April 25th, 2018 NFL Football

The playoffs are finally upon us, which means it’s time to size up some NFL betting spread options for this year’s postseason. There are 4 Wild Card matches scheduled for this weekend, so we’ll break down each playoff matchup. Specifically, we’ll be looking at which straight bets players should make on this weekend’s spread action. There’s plenty of interesting action, so let’s get into the analysis right away.

Tennessee Titans vs. Kansas City Chiefs NFL Betting Spread Options

The first matchup of the weekend will pit the Tennessee Titans against the Kansas City Chiefs. As part of Saturday’s Wild Card action, this pairing is quite intriguing. The Titans slumped their way into the postseason by posting a 9-7 record. However, Tennessee went 1-3 in their last final 4 games of the season, so it’s not like they’re coming in with a whole lot of momentum. On the other hand, the Chiefs finished the 2017 regular season with a 4-game win streak.

As far as what bets phone betting players should make, there’s no reason to bet against the Chiefs. The line is currently set at 9 points, a figure the Chiefs would have covered 8 times during the regular season. Additionally, Kansas City wields a 10-6 ATS record which turns to 6-2 against the spread when they play at home. The low-vig on this line makes it one of the most alluring line of the weekend.

Atlanta Falcons vs. Los Angeles Rams NFL Betting Spread Options

The Falcons vs. Rams matchup is one of the most interesting of this weekend’s lineup. The Falcons overcame some midseason blues to find their way to the playoffs. No doubt Atlanta is focused on avenging last year’s Super Bowl loss. Comparatively, the Rams are one of this postseason’s biggest surprises. Considering the type of season Los Angeles had last year, few could’ve envisioned that they’d make the postseason cut.

As far as the spread line, the Rams are listed as the favorites and will have to cover a 5 ½ point prediction. Los Angeles has a 9-7 record ATS this season, which is superior to the Falcons’ 7-9. Furthermore, the Rams are dominant enough on both sides of the ball to get the job done. Granted, they’ll have to go up against one ticked off unit.

Buffalo Bills vs. Jacksonville Jaguars NFL Betting Spread Options

The Bills are in jubilee over the fact that they snapped the longest postseason drought this year. However, in order to go deeper into the playoffs, Buffalo will need to overcome the Jacksonville Jaguars. The trash talk has already been brewing between these two with members of the Bills saying that as long as Blake Bortles is put in a game-winning situation, the Jags’ quarterback will choke and grant Buffalo the win. It might not be a good idea to give a guy added motivation ahead of a playoff game.

Bortles and the Jaguars are listed as the favorites with a 9 point spread prediction to cover. That seems a little steep, but Jacksonville does have some explosiveness in its offense and plenty of consistency through the ground. This is a tough one to predict but the better payout on Jacksonville might sway bettors.

Carolina Panthers vs. New Orleans Saints NFL Betting Spread Options

The NFC South gave birth to 3 playoff contenders this year, two of which will face each other this Sunday. The Panther and the Saints both delivered turnarounds this season, and there’s no question this is a can’t-miss matchup.

It should be stated that the Saints beat the Panthers twice this season. So with that in mind, it comes as no surprise to see New Orleans pegged as a 6 ½ favorite on the spread. The Panthers’ struggled with inconsistency on offense this year, but their defense was pretty solid. That said, there is, once again, better vig available on the favorite. Ultimately, players should ask if they prefer to back Drew Brees or Cam Newton?

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