Bengals on the Board Five Times in 2010 NFL Preseason Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

There are only two teams in the NFL that will be on the board five times in 2010 NFL preseason odds.

One of those teams is the Cincinnati Bengals as they play the Hall of Fame Game on August 8th against the Dallas Cowboys. The NFL doesn’t consider the Hall of Fame Game part of Week 1 so the Bengals and Cowboys will be on the board five times in 2010 NFL preseason betting.

2010 NFL preseason odds will have the Bengals as underdogs in their opener against Dallas.  The Cowboys are considered the stronger team and they get a lot of attention from the public. That will definitely be the case with this game that can be seen on August 8th on NBC television.  Neither the Bengals nor the Cowboys will be putting a lot of emphasis on this game since it is the first of the preseason so the value might be with the Bengals.

Since the Bengals play five preseason games they will be a bit ahead of their opponent in Week 2 2010 NFL preseason betting.  The Bengals host the Denver Broncos on August 15th.  Cincinnati will likely be favored in that game since they are at home.  Teams that play the previous week in the Hall of Fame Game have normally practiced longer and are better prepared to play a game so the Bengals might get some attention against the Broncos from bettors in Week 1.

Cincinnati stays home for Week 2 of the preseason which will be their third game.  The Bengals host the Philadelphia Eagles and they should be favored again. This game can be seen on Fox television so it will get added attention from gamblers.  The Eagles have a reputation as a good team so the Bengals should be just a field goal favorite in this game.  Week 3 of the preseason is when the starters play the most so the Bengals will look to play well on August 28th when they are at Buffalo.  It will be Cincinnati’s fourth preseason game so it will be interesting to see how long the starters go in that contest.

The Bengals finish up the preseason on September 2nd as they are at the Indianapolis Colts.  Neither team should be looking to play starters very long so it could just be a throwaway game for both teams.

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