Beating Football Betting Lines

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

Football betting lines in terms of college football can be beaten but only if you get value.

Football betting lines, perhaps more than any other game in sportsbook betting, is all about board value. It is a sport that invites frequent overlays due to the many mismatches that are on the football gambling boards each week.

Football betting lines in college football are set differently than they are in the pros. If you want to be successful at football gambling you need to set your own football betting lines. College football value is the difference between what the football betting lines should be compared to what it actually is. With that in mind there is no greater skill that a handicapper can develop than to learn how to set his own football betting lines. When you set your own football betting lines, set them based on what you think the line actually should be, on pure merit, and then compare your hard football betting lines to the actual lines that are released based on the perception and likely actions of the football gambling public. If you make your own lines in advance you can then compare them objectively when the actual lines come out.

You should also be weary and leery of media hype when researching college football betting lines. Too many gamblers handicap with the rear view mirror as they look at football betting lines, rather than on the road head. You must train yourself to anticipate rather than react. The masses are reactive football handicappers but the few winners in college football betting are always looking ahead.

Another way to look at this is to use past results and reactive thinking for you by opposing it whenever possible. When you are going against the crowd you are likely getting added-value as you examine college football betting lines. In college football betting, similar to NFL betting, the public has an influence. The NFL is bet heavier than college football but that doesn’t mean the public factor should not be considered when you do your handicapping.

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