Beaten Favorites in NFL Betting

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

In a NFL betting matchup between two favorites, look at the underdog. These situations are important to consider at NFL football betting this season.

NFL betting offers you the opportunity to wager on an interesting handicapping angle. It is the beaten favorite angle where a team is coming off a loss as a favorite in NFL football betting. Let’s look at some situations where taking the beaten favorite might be a good idea in NFL betting.

NFL betting favorites are usually not the way to go each week of the season but there are exceptions to that rule. If you have a team that was beaten last week as an NFL betting favorite they could be a good bet this week in NFL football betting. Keep in mind that good teams taking losing hard and tend to re-focus after suffering a loss. This especially applies to power teams coming off a loss as an NFL betting favorite.

If you find this beaten favorite facing a team that just got an upset win then you might have an even better bet in NFL football betting. A team coming off an upset win, on the other hand, will tend to have spent a lot of energy and emotion in doing so and is not a good wager in NFL betting. Beyond that, they lack the talent and ability to maintain success without that extra burst of emotion that was on display in their previous game.

Another key factor that cannot be overlooked is that the NFL betting public tends to overreact to the results of the previous week. Many NFL betting gamblers believe that the beaten favorite is now ready for a fall while the team that is coming off an upset is now ready for a roll and is likely a “sleeper” team in the minds of the NFL football betting masses. All of this serves to sway the NFL betting lines back towards the beaten favorite, where you may not have to lay that extra point or two that you otherwise would have had to lay had they won and the other team lost in their previous games.

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