The Beaten Favorite in NFL Football Betting Odds

December 1, 2010 NFL Football

NFL football betting odds seem to have a heavy favorite losing all the time.

What this means to you as a bettor is that you can bet this team in their next game in a great bounce back situation. It seems every single week in NFL betting odds that we see a team come back from a devastating loss the previous week to cover the NFL betting odds.

NFL football betting odds can be beaten if you know what to look for. The example of a team bouncing back after a loss is called the “beaten favorite.” It is a term from horse racing. You get a horse that was beaten as a heavy favorite in his last race and very often that horse is a very good bet the next time out. How does this theory hold in terms of NFL betting odds? Very often when a top team is upset, the next game becomes crucial. Top teams when we talk about NFL football betting odds usually bounce back with a solid effort the next week after a loss. We also get extra line value against the NFL betting odds. The team is coming off a loss as a favorite, and now they are not getting the same type of respect in NFL football betting odds. That gives us some good NFL football betting odds value. Playing the beaten favorite is not an automatic play in the NFL because the NFL is so unpredictable but it is still worth watching in NFL football betting odds. You might see favorites roll in a certain year, yet the next year the underdogs all come in. That is probably why the NFL is so popular. The games are so competitive in terms of NFL football betting odds.

Playing the beaten favorite is one of the best ways to take advantage of extra NFL football betting odds value. Although it is not going to always work versus NFL football betting odds, it is definitely something to consider. We talked about the horse racing beaten favorite and you always see that noted in the racing form. Make yourself a note on the beaten favorite in NFL football betting odds too. It just might give you some easy winners now and then as you look at NFL betting odds.

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